Life At Korthuis Manor

Life At Korthuis Manor
Captain Randy and his First Mate!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

An adventure!!

On Thursday, Susan and I headed down to Lynnwood for the day.  Destination..........HOBBY LOBBY!!  Wow - that place is huge!! (We were told that one is opening in Everett this week and they are looking for property in Burlington!)  I told Susan I needed to take some pics for the blog, but I was so consumed with excitement and wonder I forgot!  (ok, I'm just getting old and I forgot, but it sounds more fun the other way!)

After we were done at Hobby Lobby (3 hours later), we headed to Alderwood Mall.  We had lunch at my favorite lunch place, Panera.  The gentleman there told us there is one coming to Bellingham!!!!  YEAH!!

We headed home about 4:45 because I had a meeting at 7.  We were sailing along and as the traffic started to slow down by the Everett Mall, all of a sudden we noticed smoke billowing out of the car!!  We were in the car pool lane and so I quickly moved to the left hand side.  I called our friend Dan because he works in Mt. Vernon so I figured he was closest.  He graciously headed south to us with parts (I had told him it looked like a radiator hose issue).   I won't go into all the details (like sitting in the car and an officer coming and knocking on the window and scaring us to death as we were playing games on our ipods :) are some pics from the adventure.
Our Knight in shining truck!!!
See how mechanical I am??
Dan and Scott getting to it..............
See the big split on the top right?  OOPS!!
We arrived home safe and sound (and still cold).  So thankful for friends, for God's protection (my how a car moves when other cars whiz past it), for a friend to giggle with through the whole thing, and for a nice warm bed at home!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Catch - up, Post #2

Okay, here is installment two in the the catch up phase!!

For New Years Eve and New Years Day we went to spend the night at our friends cabin on Eliza Island with our friends.  We arrived Saturday afternoon and did a whole lot of relaxing, eating, and bringing in 2012.

This was our view for the weekend.
New Year's Day walk around the island.
Calm water all weekend. Beautiful sunset too!

We found this ironic?!?!
At midnight there were lots of Large Ships parked in the bay and they were all blowing their horns - very fun!!  Hope your 2012 - so far - has been a good one!!