Life At Korthuis Manor

Life At Korthuis Manor
Captain Randy and his First Mate!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

If your name is Emily...............................

Marla, Kameryn, Emily and I were headed down the Guide to Bellingham yesterday, and happened upon this sign (I'm sure you've seen it) .....................

It was in front of M & M Floral.......................................

So what do 2 responsible mom's do? They flip the car around - the whole time the girl named Emily is saying "mom, no, please don't make me do it" :-) That's the whole point and the more she didn't want to do it, the more it pushed me onward! :-) (Now, I must interject - it's not child abuse, cuz' it wasn't a full out whine - there was a small smirk and giggle involved on her part!)

The lady in the store was precious and Let Emily walk into the cooler of roses and pick any rose she wanted! There was every color in the rainbow - seriously - I mean that.......................

Yes - my daughter picked the blue one - it was cool! they even put a water tube on the end to preserve it! I'm telling you - they made a customer out of me - but, I guess that was the whole point!

See - she doesn't look too scarred does she?

They said to watch the sign all summer, because the name will change every week - hope you get a rose!

Monday, June 22, 2009

1 wedding down 1 to go!

This last Friday morning, Randy, my mom, and myself headed to Corvallis,OR to attend my nephew's wedding. The weather wasn't very nice, and from Olympia south we crawled along, and happened upon 5 multiple cars accidents!! We were so thankful for the safe travels that the Lord gave us - even if it took us 9 HOURS!!! Normally the trip takes 6-7 hours and we had hoped to arrive to have a couple hours to relax before the rehearsal, but we showed up at the rehearsal site 15 min. before it started. I was doing all the music, so I had to hit the ground running!

Here are a few quick pics from the wedding:

The Bride and Groom cutting cake - I was so proud of them for not smearing it into each other's noses - I HATE THAT! :-)

This is me with my brother Dave, father of the groom.

This is with my Uncle Jack, my dad's only living sibling. I always enjoy visiting with him and it was good to spend time with him at the wedding and then again a couple times this weekend. My dad passed away the evening before Father's day last year, so it was special to spend Father's Day with my dad's brother.

This is my brother Dan, my mom, me and my brother Dave.

We have my friend's daughter's wedding this Sunday. Thursday we're taking the family from out of town on the boat to Rosario Resort for lunch. Friday evening I am hosting a large bridal shower here, and then Sunday is the wedding.

June has been more than full for us - I am looking forward to July (although I'm afraid there's a bit more than I'd like on our calendar in July too).

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Whew.............take a breath....................

Just a quick update, so all of you people who do seem to want to know what's new, won't give up on me because I've been a bad blogger! :-(

Working lots (which I am so thankful God has provided work for me when we needed it), but I am a very tired lady. I need a scrappin' card makin' night - or weekend!

Our friends from Salem were up and spent the week at Birch Bay ( I never seem to think of Birch Bay as a vacation destination), so we met at the new Woods at the Birch Bay Outlet for coffee before they headed home - just had to see those precious girls one more time!
Helped my friend Bev work on her daughter Kaitlin's scrapbook - this is one of the things on her bucket list - what a privilege to help her!!

Our kitty (she's still kitty because she's only 9 months old) keeps moving her baby kittens inside. She's figured out how to use the doggie door - so we've been moving the kittens back to the shop OFTEN!! Lola (mommy kitty) thinks she is a princess and we just don't recognize that she IS NOT a shop cat!!

I've been busy making invitations for the bridal shower I am hosting for Kaitlin (Bev's daughter). It was fun, but I had to make 45 invitations! Now I need just fun stampin' therapy with no goal! Thanks Marla R. and Becky T. for helping me out - it would've taken forever without your help!

Well, that's just a small update, and tomorrow we leave for Oregon for my nephew's wedding. I'll try to do a post as soon as we get home!! Thanks for checking in!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Woods girls night out!

Wednesday night I got to go out with the team of Wood's girls from the store on the Guide by Safeway. This is where they've been training me to be a barista - and they are SOOOOOOOOOOO patient - and fun!! They invited me to go with them on their night out! It's such a great concept...................Woods pays for each store, every quarter to go out for an evening, have fun and relax. They call it their team building event.

First we headed for pedicures - isn't that the best! We all six got our feet prettied up - which is great since these ladies work hard on their feet all the time!

Then, we headed to Boulevard Woods for iced drinks and a great view! If you haven't been there, it's a definite "must do". You can sit out on the patio there and take in the view, or get a drink and walk the boardwalk. Great date night!

After this we headed to dinner and then home (since some of these poor girls have to be to work by 5:15 AM!! They haven't asked me do that yet - which I'm grateful! :-)

I'm really enjoying my job with Woods. Yesterday they put me on the bar to make drinks, it was crazy busy with a line up the whole time - but I love the rush of adrenaline!! I think I'm actually "getting it"!!

Enjoy the beautiful days we've been having, and maybe head out to Boulevard park!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

It's Official!!

As of Thursday night, Brandon is officially graduated!! Don't have much to say except, it's always weird to see your baby cross the stage and take his diploma!! You have these moments of ...."I just did that", to flashbacks of their little baby faces, to skinned knees, to 8th grade grad, to getting their drivers license, to here.................................

Diploma in hand and ready to go.........................

"Uncle" Jeff (school board president) "explaining" to Brandon why his diploma is empty.. :-)

The proud parents............Brandon, we are so proud of you! You have been such a joy to parent and we are excited for what God has in your future!

Hoping this week will be much calmer! We're sounding so middle aged now - one in high school, one in college and one 21 year old! YIKES - when did it all happen?!!?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

One Grad down, one to go....and today my boy is 21!!

Wow - what a week! Last night we had Emily's 8th grade Graduation (I call it a promotion :-)! The gym was stifling hot, but it was a great evening. Here are a couple pics of the night!

The dutiful family pic!!

The grandparent pics

This is the picture of Emily reading the card from us that says I'm taking her shopping for a cell phone today...........! I think she's excited, considering she's been asking for one for over year!

My baby is officially in High School! And I just have to brag.....isn't she beautiful?!?!

Tonight we're having Nathan's friend for a barbeque. It's his 21st birthday and I'd like to know how that happened since I'm barely over 21 myself??? Tomorrow we're off to the next graduation. Big milestones this week at Korthuis Manor!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

We survived!

Sunday was graduation party day! We had so many people and so much fun, I didn't take as many pictures as I should of, so here's a few.

Here's a list of the food we went through, they all but wiped us out!!
1. 2 x G'mas Lemon Cake (9x13)
2. 2 x Oreo Dessert (9x13)
3. Double batch of Mini Cheesecake Cupcakes
4. Double batch of Black Bottom Cupcakes
5. 9 pounds (yes pounds) of Lil' Smokies in grape jelly/chili sauce
6. Almost 3 9x13's full of Chili/Cream Cheese Dip
7. 5 Bags Tortilla Chips
8. 1 case water, 24 pk coke, 24 pk diet coke, 12 sprite, 12 rootbeer

My two friends Beth and Gwen came and worked the kitchen for me - they were awesome - AND I DIDN'T get their picture!! :-(

Here are people around the table looking at Brandon's photo albums. There were people constantly sitting here looking through the books! I love it! All that effort put into his albums pays off!

With Grandma Brim....
With Grandpa and Grandma Korthuis....
With friend Jared Kooy..........
It was a beautiful day for a party and we are so blessed with so many people who love and support Brandon!

Tonight - 8th grade grad for Emily.................