Life At Korthuis Manor

Life At Korthuis Manor
Captain Randy and his First Mate!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

The "F" word

OK, I'm sorry but I have to use the "F" word today. It's haunting me! I usually try to keep this blog G rated, but today I have had it.............

FAFSA - I hope that doesn't offend anyone too much - it does me!

I wake up thinking about it, spend all day avoiding it, and am stressed beyond belief at the daunting task.

This year it seems to be harder for me to face because I know that Brandon won't get as much "help" as last year. He's stressed because he really wants to stay at Whitworth another year - but now they've raised their cost $5000! I know God has a plan .................................................but first I must finish the"F" word - FAFSA!

Anybody else not have theirs done yet? Last year I was done by Feb 14th - not this year!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Size matters!

Last week when we did a research trip for a home project we're thinking about, down to Mt. Vernon with Jeff and Kathi, we stopped at Dick's Restaurant supply.

I found something I've been wanting, so I picked it up in time for my slumber party.
Now I can steam enough milk for 4 lattes at a time!!

Here's my old one next to my new's still great for 1-2 latte's, but sometimes you've got to call in the big guns!
Anybody need a latte'?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A slumberless party

This last weekend I had my annual "slumberless party". As far as my mind can recollect, I believe this was the 12th year. My gracious family allows me to kick them out for 24 hours and my friends come over. 6 spent the night the rest either came Fri or Sat. At our fullest there were 10 of us!

Lots of us scrapbooked.............
We all laughed and visited.........................
Some scrapbooked, or worked on computers.......................
We all took turns at holding Macy........................
The cricuts were cutting................................
All of us ate.......................................

Enjoyed the patio..........................
But none of us got very much sleep!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More Olympics!

Not a lot to say, just want to share some more great pics from our day at the Olympics!

This was the last run of the night - AND - it was the team that won the gold medal. We were so close!! I asked Randy if he thought I would get arrested if I patted them on the head as they went by.......I just got a "look" :-)!
We walked (hiked) up to the top where the race begins and stopped for an anniversary picture - 24 years that day! So glad he's mine!

The timing on this one was a miracle - first bob sleigh of the day and I caught him going right over the circles!
Me and BFF Kathi enjoying the sunshine! Thanks for taking us along - great day! After all, you were standing by my side 24 years ago today (we haven't changed a bit!!)
The girls - Kathi, me, Hana and Jodi! What a fun group of gals I got to hang with. So fun getting to know Hana a little bit! Always a treat to be with Jodi too - although I must say I have camera envy now!
Stopped for dinner at Boston pizza on the way down with everyone, and they brought us a Anniversary dessert - NUMMY!!
Happy Anniversary Honey! (Do we look tired and wind/sun burned or what?)
A great day with great friends!

Monday, February 22, 2010

You've got to be kidding!!

Yesterday we headed up to Whistler to attend the Olympics - couldn't have had a more beautiful day!

We left here at 7AM and once we arrived we headed into the village to stroll AND to get red mittens!! These red mittens are the #1 souvenir of the 2010 Olympics,and they cannot keep them in stock.

When we arrived to the official olympics store, we encountered problem #1 - a line up to GET IN THE STORE! Can you believe it - and of course we waited in line!! As we were waiting in line we heard the sad news - problem #2 -only junior mitts were left! ARGH!! It wasn't even 10AM!! I decided once we were in the store that I was going to go look at the kids mittens to see if I could fit into a XL - I do have small hands and I was desperate!! I got over to the bin and it was apparent the only size left was SMALL. I dug around hoping to find a pair, but I didn't.
What I DID find was one mitt - YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING!?! My hand fit into it and now I was determined to find it's mate. I didn't want to ask any of the others digging in the bin, because if they found the mate, it could've turned UGLY!!

I turned and quietly asked a clerk if she thought there might be a match and she stated that sometimes they fall under these big bins, she bent down and voila' pulled up a dust bunny filled glove with a tag - adult size s/m PERFECT!! Happy, happy, me!
Now, as you can see, I fit in with the group!
Lot's more to blog about the Olympics, but since I won a gold medal in Red mitten shopping, I figured I'd better share this first!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Nothing like homemade soup!

Tuesday night we took soup and rolls out to our dear friends Rob and Bev and had dinner with them ( and Jacob :-). I made the rolls on Mon. evening and then threw the soup together when I got home from work Tues.

I got this recipe years ago from my friend Audrey - and it's our family favorite. It's the ultimate comfort food. It's simple. It's nummy (for you Deb). You MUST try it.

Potato and Sausage Soup

3 Med. potatoes, peeled and cut into small chunks
1/4 c. finely chopped onion
1 10oz pkg frozen mixed vegies (I often use just corn, or corn, peas, & carrots. I never use the mix with lima beans - yuk!)
1 Tbsp. parsley
3/4 tsp salt
1 c. water
2 chicken bouillon cubes
Mix all of the above together and boil until potatoes are done.

1/4 c flour
3 c. milk
1/8 tsp pepper

Mix these ingredients together and pour into vegies and add:
8 oz. polish sausage, diced
4 tbsp. butter.

Simmer for 30 min. do not boil.

I usually double this recipe - it's awesome as leftovers - if there are any!!

Let me know if you try it! Don't forget to add a loaf of crusty bread!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Did you say "Olympics"............

......why yes I'd love to!!!!
Sunday is our 24th (woo hoo!!!) Anniversary and we are going up to Whistler to watch the Bob Sleigh Event (I've been told NO ONE calls it the Bob Sled - that is incorrect!). BFF Kathi picked up tickets for us when they were up there on LOVE day, so we'll be heading up the hill at o'dark thirty Sunday morning! Can't wait -for the Olympics that is - not too fond of the o'dark thirty idea!

Enjoy the beautiful sunshine today - I'm STILL NOT WEEDING (my hubby did spray for weeds in some areas outside, but I am not responsible for his irresponsible behavior in Feb. ☺)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2 restful days in a row, at home - WOW!

Yesterday was just a delightful day! Randy decided to take the day off, we had coffee, did some dreaming about some outdoor home projects (can you believe we've been in this house 1 1/2 years and the projects aren't all done :-), and then we called Jeff and Kathi last minute and headed to Mt. Vernon on a research trip! Hopefully this project we're dreaming about will come to fruition and I'll be able to share pictures of progress.

We got home about 2 and I just putzed around the house for the next few hours, cleaning, DUSTING - yikes!, rearranging some decor, and taking down the garland with lights and snowflakes above my cabinets - I mean who am I kidding - I'm never going to get that snowstorm I wanted :-( ! I know it CAN happen, but all the forecasters seem to be saying "not this year". We got married Feb 21 and there had been snow on the ground for a couple weeks, and we woke to a fresh 7 inches that day - so it can happen- but most likely not this year!

Our Valentines Dinner was AWESOME!! Of course once we got there, we moved right into appies and I was so relaxed and enjoying the company, beautiful table, tasty dinner, etc.I completely forgot to take any pics :-(. We had Beef Bourganeon (However you spell that!) served with pasta, and french bread and a yummy salad! I'll have to get the recipe and share - it was fabulous!! Thanks Deb!

Here are a few pics of the dessert I made for the night.................
add some pink frosting and sprinkles - I love sprinkles!!!
Now I'm afraid these things have got to go - they're beautiful - but I love "frosting lifters" (isn't that a much more fitting name?) way too much!!!
The main dessert..........creme brulee', if you've never made it, you have to try! It's so awesome and EASY! My favorite - good ol' vanilla! I added the sugar and torched the tops just before we indulged!
Back to reality today - good thing I LOVE my job! I think I'd better bring some frosting lifters for everyone at work today :-)♥♥♥♥♥♥

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Music to shop by..............

Yesterday - I took Max in for a grooming session - he was long overdue!! I called BFF Kathi to ask her if she could come out and we picked her up on the way. We headed to Macy's - of course you can always find a great deal there! (I got a Calvin Klein hooded sweater and a cute little denim jacket for $26 total - for both!!) As we're getting close to the mall entrance we could hear the beating rhythm of drums.......................................... was a group of children from Uganda! It was so fun to watch, and you couldn't help from moving to the rhythm! This group has been working it's way up the coast and performing at Macy's along the way. They will be performing Monday night at the Orpheum in Vancouver for the Olympics! What an unexpected treat!!!!

Happy heart day - dinner at our friends house - Yeah, I don't have to cook! What a precious friend I have! Pictures to follow................................

Friday, February 12, 2010

Sometimes I just need to whine!

This morning as Emily headed out the front door to school, I stood with my cup of coffee and enjoyed the balmy weather as Max ran around outside for a minute. It is green and beautiful here in the NW as I'm sure our many Olympics visitors are going to notice. The cherry trees I showed you 2 weeks ago are now officially in a full spring bloom - gorgeous!!
As I was enjoying the out of doors - I turned my head to look for Max and what to my horror did I see? WEEDS, WEEDS, WEEDS!

Now - I've said it before and I'll say it again - I WILL NOT WEED BEFORE MARCH! It's just my personal little rule :-) But how in the world will I hold to my mantra this year?!?! Please don't come visit me unless you have a pair of gardening gloves and a bucket - my yard is in no shape for visitors!!

I've spoken personally with some of you and I know you have already been out there weeding - BRAVO for you - way to put the pressure on me! As you can tell I don't LOVE working in my yard - I do it because I like a sharp looking yard - but I'd much rather be inside cleaning frankly!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A little R&R..............................

Last Wed. night I headed to Boise to spend a few days with my BFF Judy and her family. I try to get over at least once a year and I always am so sad to leave when it's time to come home.

Judy and I are "foodie friends", and if you don't know what that means you won't "get" this picture!! :-)
We picked up a chocolate cake that they had been sampling at the store (we're such suckers - what can I say - it was NUMMY!!), and Thurs, evening we had the kids cover their eyes...........................(Notice we put forks in their hands too!!)..............................
......then we told them to open their eyes and the 4 of us dug in.................. I must say those McKays know how to have fun!!
This is how I spent a lot of hours while I was there. Either a latte' or diet coke in hand reading scrapbooking magazines! Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Just what the Dr. ordered after my January!!!
This was Hailey's week to be Star Student, so Friday Judy and I headed to school to hear Hailey do her "presentation" on herself and then we "stole" her away from school early and went out for Ice Cream! I love being an "Aunt" that can spoil!!!
Hailey is taking piano lessons, so I got to play a duet with her - I LOVE IT!! Keep practicing Hailey - you're doing awesome!! A natural!!
I didn't get any pictures with Spencer - but I had a blast with him. He's 16 and such a fun kid! We went out for ice cream my last night there. Spencer is the best big brother anyone could ever have - I'm so proud of him!

Back to reality, but I love being home! I worked yesterday, came home made tater tot casserole, enjoyed dinner with Randy and Emily and then putted around in my office until I fell into bed (see previous post) from exhaustion and was asleep by 9:15!!

P.S. I did work on my Daily December album and I only have 2 days to of completed project coming soon!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Thank goodness for angels..............

Did you know that when you board a flight in Seattle at 10:45pm and the flight is SUPPOSED to arrive in B'ham at 11:45pm - IT DOESN'T ALWAYS WORK?!?!?!

Yes, I just spent 5 great days with Judy and family in Boise - but it did not end pretty. I'll blog the good stuff later - this is for venting............

I booked the last flight out because it required fewer airmiles for a ticket. My sweet husband had called and said he would stay up late and pick me up instead of dropping my car off for me in the parking lot (for those of you who know Randy - staying up late is a HUGE act of love).

When we started boarding the flight they mentioned that there was fog in B'ham and it could become an issue (flashback to my travel agent days: FOG + TINY AIRSTRIP=no landing!!). The flight attendant said "the captain says it looks fine and shouldn't be an issue - jump forward to 11:45........................"folks, this is the flight deck and we need 1/2 mile visibility to land and right now we only have 1/4 mile so we're going to stay in a holding pattern for 30 min and hope we get a window to land". Now, jump forward 30 min. "ladies and gentlemen, the captain has turned off the seatbelt sign if any of you are needing to get up and use the restroom".......................................I'm not stupid, I know what this means!! I had been watching B'ham from overhead for 30 min now - the marina, the mall, grouse mountain, the little dipper, I could see cars, ambulances heading somewhere - clear as far as I could see.........................anywho - we headed back to Seattle!!!!!!!!!!

Randy headed back home. They offered us a $50 rate at the Ramada Inn, but we had to be back at the airport by 6:30 to check back in - that would be $10/hr to sleep - no thanks. I decided to just sit it out at the airport.

The VERY SHORT version is a gal from our flight was sitting in baggage claim waiting for her sister who was driving down from Abbottsford to pick her up (yes I'm right on the way home and I was biting my tongue!!). The young lady was a beautiful Christian gal and she and her sister brought me straight to my front door-they offered - God is so good!!!! It was such a blessing and I so enjoyed talking with 2 young married ladies that are serving the Lord.

I crawled in bed at 4:15AM - but in my own bed - and I didn't have to pay $10/hr to sleep - although if you divided our mortgage by 30 days............................I'm not going there!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

It might as well be spring.....

Do any of you remember that sappy ol' love song from decades ago? Well it popped in my head as I looked out my kitchen window and saw this.........
Yes, those are my neighbors cherry trees in FULL BLOOM! I can't believe it - isn't it the 1st of Feb? Isn't it still winter? It makes me nervous for the berry farmers, and frankly, I didn't get a snow storm..................and if this weather continues the bugs will TAKE OVER this spring and summer.

The trees are beautiful - but I'm just not ready...........................(not to mention the weeds are already taking over my flower beds and I REFUSE to weed in February!!!).