Life At Korthuis Manor

Life At Korthuis Manor
Captain Randy and his First Mate!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Just like the good ol' days

Tuesday evening I sat down to make a gift for the girls at work.  I had been indecisive about what to make until I opened a cupboard in the laundry room and found a plastic shoe box full of paper pads and post its pads that I had forgotten about.  Decision made - I would make them all a post it pad for their purses.
I haven't stamped forever - it was so fun!
 A little velcro action
This picture keeps turning sideways - but this is the finished product.
All wrapped and ready to deliver...................
The tags were even fun to make.

I forget how much fun it is to sit and craft and play with stamps, punches, ink and cardstock.  I'm gonna need to do that again...............someday :(.

Lot's of fun and festivities here, Monday making almond stick with mom

and then dinner with the kids.   Tuesday was my crafting night.  Last night dinner with friends - I can't show the pic cuz' there are rebellious ones one in our group that don't like to their photo to be shared (I'm sure you're familiar with the FBI protection program :).  Tonight company for dinner.  Tomorrow Christmas with the in-laws, and then Christmas Eve and Christmas!  Just reading all that makes me want a nap - besides the fact I was up for 2 hours last night with cramps in my leg that just about killed me!! Is it too much partying or too much age?

Monday, December 12, 2011

A big sigh..............

That is what I did about 5pm Saturday evening!  Where have you been lately - you ask?  Why haven't you blogged yet in December - you ask?  Well this is why.............
Advent Calender I made for Emily

My friend Chris made me this wreath out of Music - it's PERFECT!!
Susan saw these on pinterest and Grandiflora carries the wire so we made these!

This is the garland on my tree - should've grabbed one more - I love it!
So happy with the tree!
I love the lighted branches - I keep them out year round!

The stockings were hung by the "stair rail" with care?
This was my Favorite new thing - I love this look!
Randy "whipped" out this table for me 2 weeks ago!

The votive cups were sprayed with adhesive and rolled in Epsom salts.
Gotta have an apothecary filled with ornaments!

We were asked to put our home in the "Home for the Holidays" Christmas Home Tour for Bethany Christian Services.  We've been busy at it and now I can enjoy all the decorations and the REALLY clean house!  But now - maybe I should start buying Christmas gifts?!?!  :)  My dear friend Susan helped me so much - she even cleaned a toilet or two!  this pic is not the greatest of either of us as we were in sweats - no makeup - cleaning mode, but I couldn't leave her out since I couldn't have done it without her!!
Upstairs will be another post- too many pics on this one already.

Are you taking pics for your Daily December?  :)