Life At Korthuis Manor

Life At Korthuis Manor
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Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Barnabella Party

Okay - I'm baaack! The swine flu was not a good time - the worst part was the 100+ temp for 4 days! WOW!! You forget how long it takes to get your strength back after that ride!!

Anyway - that is over - so let's move on! On Friday my BFF Judy flew in for 5 days - let the fun begin!! On Saturday morning we were sitting around in our sweats having coffee and BFF Kathi showed up about 9am (gutsy early on a Sat. AM) for coffee. As I went to make her a coffee, she stopped me and said "I'll make the coffees - you get ready - we have a 10AM appointment", then BFF Marla showed up! WHAT!! No hints, no nothing - just "get ready".

NOW - at this point I'm thinking, pedicures, coffee at Woods with a couple friends, shopping - you know - I HAVE to try and figure it out!

SERIOUSLY - this is how they took me out....................................
We headed out - I tried to keep track of where we were heading, of course Marla knew I would, so she got on those blasted round abouts and went around and around and around - I'm sure people were thinking "Stupid Canadian doesn't know how to use these things" :-)

After a short drive they brought me into a house.......................and I said "it smells like Sal's house" - they took off my blindfold AND I was right. I had absolutely no clue - but you know how you just recognize the smells of places - good smells of course!

Here's where the Barnabella party began............................

The best "birthday cake" ever - Sal's orange bow knots!! AMAZING!!
Even Brody donned a bow for the occasion!
Sally had been studying Paul and Barnabus and said she thought of me often as she studied Barnabus' role as an encourager. She asked my friends to come and write notes of encouragement to me about how I had encouraged them. Barnabella is just her female version of Barnabus - I like it - it sticks! Everyone needs a Barnabella party in their lifetime! TALK ABOUT COMPLETE SENSORY OVERLOAD!!!! It was kind of like sitting at your own funeral and hearing WAY TOO WONDERFUL things about yourself! When we got home I told Judy "I should try to be like her!!"

Sal - you succeeded - what an incredibly encouraging day! I am so blessed - words can't describe how precious ALL my friends are to me!

We had a delightful brunch, laughter, tears, and presents...................................WOW!!!!!

I'll post more pictures later, this is just getting way too long.

Also, on a future post - the gift from my husband!! He never ceases to amaze me!


Gavin's Family said...

Sounds like a GREAT day! Sally is wonderful like that. By the way did you get my birthday song I left you on "Here's how the yard is coming along...."
You know I can't ever forget your birthday now that you share the day with my newest son!
Being family I know I should have never forgot it to begin with. So sorry for that.
Love ya!

Holly said...

Happy Birthday Janice! what a wonderful day you had with your friends! Great friends I might add!!!!