Life At Korthuis Manor

Life At Korthuis Manor
Captain Randy and his First Mate!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

I am Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Just a quick list to reflect on a FEW of the things I am thankful for! (these are not in any particular order- just as they come to mind)

1. Salvation and Grace from my Heavenly Father!

2. A husband that loves me - and boy has he proved that! He is SUCH A HARD WORKER, and I ride on the coat tails of his work ethic!!

3. A Godly heritage, and parents on both sides that taught us to fear, respect and love the Lord!

4. My children, each one so different from the other, my heart is full to every nook and cranny because of who they are, and are becoming.

5. Our friends, ...................comfortable is the word that comes to mind. Friends we can pray with, laugh with, eat with.........all with common goals and a love for the Lord.

6. A beautiful warm house with great neighbors.

7. 3 vehicles that are paid for AND running! (I thank the Lord EVERY time I hop in my van and start 'er up and she purrs - she's almost 9 years old!!)

8. A job that I love and employers that treat me very well!

9. A church family (for 23 years now) that we adore and BELONG to!

10. Hobbies that I love, when I have time. I love to sit and scrapbook, make cards, crochet.....

11. A dishwasher that works, (my friend's just died - ouch - makes me grateful!)

12. 5 brothers whom I adore (and quite frankly, I hope it's mutual). I have the best SIL's and nephews and nieces, and I LOVE having them all together.

13. A mom who lives a mile away and is always praying for and encouraging me.

14. At this very moment - BLUE SKIES TO THE WEST!!!!! YEAH!!

15. Getting to decorate my house for Christmas this weekend, and look forward to lots of fun get togethers with friends and family.

16. Knowing that I have $$ saved for Christmas gifts for my kids ( no stress!!)

17. That for RIGHT now, my husband has work - my husband reminded me that this time last year we were in the same spot, and for a solid year AGAIN, God has been faithful in bringing jobs for Randy.

18. That Brandon's first year of college was affordable (praying hard about next year!!)

19. Boating many fun times and memories. God has given us a beautiful place to live and enjoy (I think it's time - I haven't been on the boat in a couple months!!!!)

20. A latte' machine at home - A MUST!

21. My girlfriends - there are SOOOOOOOOOOO many - how could one be so blessed?!

22. HEALTH - so good, so far. Thank you Lord!

23. A school that teaches from the same perspective that we are teaching at home - a blessing!

24. A FREE country, where we can pray, go to church, be self-employed, and not HAVE to live by someone else's ideas for us.

25. I'm sure there would be tons more - but right now - I'm heading to #20!!

Enjoy the food, family and friends today! God is good - ALL THE TIME!!!!

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Molly Gustafson said...

Janice! I'm thankful for YOU. What an awesome list, it makes me want to write my own. Let's set up having you over to see the GORGEOUS new baby nursery that is all done!!!! Can't wait for you to see it, you helped make it happen, after all! Love you lots. Molly