Life At Korthuis Manor

Life At Korthuis Manor
Captain Randy and his First Mate!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Kind of giddy

Sunday afternoon we headed out to take Brandon back to Whitworth(not without getting a family snapshot).
The momentum has been building and by Saturday, Brandon was almost giddy. Now for those of you who know Brandon, this is not a word that is associated with him at all!! :-)

We drove over Sunday, spent the night in a hotel and left the hotel Monday morning by 8:30am! He was READY to get settled in!We took care of some business with the financial aid office, walked over to see sweet Janna Silves (a precious girl from our church that is a RA there), had lunch and we could tell Brandon was MORE than ready for us to let him get about his business. His roommates had lunch with us and we really enjoyed them - he is in a triple room - it is huge! This is Brandon with Kevin, and Nick.Of course the dutiful picture with the parents.............................
I am sad to say goodbye, but he was so excited to be there and there were no unknowns this time. He knows his roommates and he knows the campus and sad to say, it really was like coming home for him. It's been a hard summer here at our house and Brandon kind of got lost in the shuffle. I am sad for all the conversations I didn't have with him and feel like I hardly saw him this summer. Brandon is so easy going and never makes a fuss, so unfortunately he just went about his business this summer, working hard and now he's gone and it seems like he was hardly here.

Love you bud - have an awesome year! I know you'll do fantastic! That's just who you are!


Holly said...

I'm always looking for a traveling mate when I go, so you're welcome to join me!
Sorry it's been such a stressful time, but things will get better.
It's nice to see your kids happy, even when your not the one in charge of it all!!

Emily looks so cute in her uniform!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my Mama heart breaks for you with this post about Brandon going back to school. You kept it light, but I hear the ache. My kids are small yet, so I have a few years to go. I am learning from you! Blessings to you and your family...all of you!