Life At Korthuis Manor

Life At Korthuis Manor
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Friday, December 24, 2010

Spontaneous Fun!

My friends (and my patient husband) are so good to me!  I'm one of those that is always coming up with plans for fun!  I told them they'll miss me when I'm gone - but - even when I die there will be a spontaneous party!  (Some call them memorials - I call them parties!)

I had been blog hopping and ran across my friend Leslie's blog where she had posted pics of their evening going up to Stanley Park in Vancouver BC.  Marla had come by for coffee I ran the plan past her - she called Dan - we asked Randy - and it was all systems go!!

First they came for a bowl of chicken and wild rice soup with parmesan cheese buns, and then we were off!

 I was teasing Dan and Marla that I had to take this pic because it was a picture of them in 20 years..................Dan cooking, Marla crocheting..................

You can walk through the area all set up with displays for free and there is a train you can ride for a fee, but it was all sold out. You can also buy packages that include dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory and the train - we might do this next year!

We had fun and laughed alot! I brought the glasses that Grandiflora had been selling that turn Christmas lights into snowflakes and snowmen - great fun!  Here are Marla and I in our glasses.
This picture was taken through the snowflakes................
......................and this one through the snowmen.
 I had brought some French Vanilla Cafe' in a carafe and freshly made Sugar Cookies - or "frosting lifters" as I affectionately call them!
As we drank our coffee and ate our cookies we took a loop around the park and looked at the city lights and then headed home.
If we go again we decided it would be fun to go about 4pm when it's getting dark, before the crowds, and then go for dinner afterwards. It was a fun evening....................thanks friends for being "game"!


Les Hon said...

Sorry the train was sold out!! I'm glad you had fun anyway -- you were prepared!! Cookies, cocoa...

It was sparkly and fun wasn't it?

Merry Christmas!!

downlights said...

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