Life At Korthuis Manor

Life At Korthuis Manor
Captain Randy and his First Mate!

Friday, January 7, 2011

I got nothin..............

I've needed to blog for days............but I got nothin'.

Since New years, here are the happenings:
-sent Brandon back to College :-(
-went to church, took a nap and went for a drive with my hubby
-worked 28 hours from Monday-10:30am Wed (gotta love inventory)
-got a bad cold and have putzed around the house for 2 days
-took down Christmas decor (now I need to get it out of Randy's side of the garage)
-made soup without a recipe, just kind of tossed (it was good, it just needed more salt which I was out of even after stealing from every salt shaker!), along with a batch of fresh bread to go with it.
fried some cut up bacon pieces, added onion and carrots
added some corn, milk, evap milk, and hashbrowns
a close up view
I would make it again, only thicken it up a little with some flour and maybe add polish sausage for a kick.

Today, work - I count it a blessing to have a job I love! Tonight, feeding the cheerleaders and then the Bff's and then we're all heading to the LC@ NVHS basketball game.

Tomorrow, SLEEPING IN, and maybe a brave trip to Costco and Walmart.  I think we're going to Mt. Vernon. (yes, I know it's Saturday, and probably need my head examined)!  I DON'T DO Walmart, but I can handle the Mt. Vernon one every once in a while with a BFF in hand! :p

Enjoy your weekend and maybe some snow (bring it on!!)


Tami said...

Yep, it's January. Walmart scares me but I am tempted to try the Mt Vernon Walmart. Maybe when I can walk again...
Your soup looks good. Sometimes the dumpers are the best.

Vittle me this... said...

looks pretty good!

Holly said...

I don't have anything either, but at least you post about it!!!
Soup looks good and these dreary days have me making it more and more! My thickening trick is instant mashed potatoes...just a little and it thickens right up!!!!
I have pounds of me!!
Tyler's band is playing after the game, but I'm not allowed to come. I can buy all the equipment...but I can't watch.
I need grandchildren (not yet, lol!)

Golfnieuws said...

nice blog!

Are you dutch? Korthuis is a dutch name!!

C.Klompmaker ( in english Woodenshoemakeker)