Life At Korthuis Manor

Life At Korthuis Manor
Captain Randy and his First Mate!

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Boat Show, the boat show.....

Last Sunday, (after quite a late evening before), we headed down to the boat show with our dear friends Rick and Beth.  I made Latte's for the 4 of us,Rick drove so we could relax and we chatted our way down the I-5 corridor.

The show was at Qwest field and boats afloat on Lake Union.  As we were in the parking lot at Qwest field waiting for the shuttle to Lake Union we saw a Med Flight come into Harborview Hospital (it was straight up the hill from us), and it brought tears to my eyes as I am always reminded now that a med flight means that someones  life is in the balance.

At Lake Union it was cold, but there were some really fun boats to walk around.  Randy sat at the helm of a few and decided he could "do this".   I'm afraid he's got boating running deep through his veins!
Taken from atop a fly bridge on a 47 foot yacht.
Rick and Beth posing in front of a boat "they could live with" :)
He looks good at the helm doesn't he?  I was afraid of that!
Leaving Qwest field was a pretty sight.  This is the best my pitiful camera could do - but you get the idea.

Don't worry - we're not leaving town on a yacht anytime soon - but my man can dream can't he?  I would proud to be his first mate anyday!

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rtabs said...

you need to take a handkerchief to these things. Useful for tears when you see med-flights and to wipe up all the drool.