Life At Korthuis Manor

Life At Korthuis Manor
Captain Randy and his First Mate!

Friday, April 22, 2011

AAA - choo!

What the sun finally shows up and my allergies decide to make themselves even more present?!?!  Can't I warm up first?  Can't my eyes adjust to the light of the sunshine before I have to go digging for my allergy pills?

My favorite tree is about ready to burst open................  these pics are from last year at exactly this time (The night before Nathan's accident), the tree is a bit behind this year.  I can't imagine whey (said with dripping sarcasm) - maybe plants need warmth and sunshine too ?!?!?!

Speaking of 1 year ago.............I haven't been blogging much because I'm working on getting a book made of my blog.  I am putting all the posts in it from Nathan's accident and any progress reports in the last year.  I found a site called Blog 2 Print that will also print all the comments in the book, which I really want Nathan to have.  I want him to read all the encouraging thoughts, verses and prayers you all sent our way.  I will let you know when the book arrives.


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