Life At Korthuis Manor

Life At Korthuis Manor
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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

De-decorating (kind of like redecorating!)

It HAD to be done on Monday or I would have to wait until the middle of January - and that WASN'T going to happen.

I took ALL day and I dropped into bed about 10pm.  My hands were tired, I tweaked my back, the thought actually crossed my mind (this is total heresy so skip this part if you are weak stomached) - why would I decorate next year for Christmas!  SO. MUCH. WORK. 

But, just like giving birth.....the further away you get from the event, the more plausible it becomes that you would actually tackle it again!

Going to see my BFF in Idaho this week, only one more sleep.  Absolutely can not wait!!


Holly said...

Wait! Don't go!!! I do want to borrow that shower bench if it's still okay!!! I can have Brian or Tyler come and pick it up if you want to leave it out somewhere!
I hear you about not wanting to decorate next year...I say that every year!!!! But I love it so much! Mine will be up for another week as I have to be in good shape to "help" as I'm quite anal about packing things up!!! I don't usually let anyone help, but this year will be a first!
Hope you have a wonderful trip and make wonderful memories!!

Tanya said...

I could've used that "like giving birth" advice a few months ago! :-) Time does make the memories fade.. thank goodness!

Tami said...

Are you scrapping on your snow days?
Kathi and I have a scrapping trip idea...

Anonymous said...

Better late then never.
Cleaning days are so hard to face but a big relief when it is over.