Life At Korthuis Manor

Life At Korthuis Manor
Captain Randy and his First Mate!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas is at our house.............

My husband's rule is "no Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving", so on Friday - the decorating began - complete with Christmas music blaring!! I didn't get too far on Friday as my pre-lit Christmas tree decided this was the year not to light. So I left it sitting there, half put together and irritating me. We were having friends for a birthday party Sat. night so I had to face the tree Saturday morning. It took me 5 stinkin' hours to take off all the lights - clip by clip. Each branch had a light running to it that was clipped on! Yikes! My friend Kathi came and she undid the top layer of the tree. By now it's 2:30, I have 8 bins of Christmas stuff open and strewn on the floor, my tree is naked, the table is covered with stuff to be put out, and the kitchen counter is covered with everyday decorations to be stored away. I still have to make dessert and an appetizer, and I haven't even showered. Did I mention they were coming at 5:30? Sometimes I quesiton my judgement! Well I got it all done, I did have to go with the "less decorated Janice look", and pulled the wet hair up into a up-doo. We had an awesome time with our friends - there was much laughter and good food!

Here is the rebellious tree after I put on new lights and whipped it into shape!

I'll post more decorations through the month, it's nothing impressive, but it's home!

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