Life At Korthuis Manor

Life At Korthuis Manor
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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sunshine, Pedicures, and Family - oh my!

We just got home last night from visiting my brother and his family in Corvallis, OR. The sunshine was wonderful - it runs about 10 degrees warmer down there, which means it was almost 80 degrees on Sunday. We sat outside on their patio watching the golfers go by - it was so relaxing! All of their trees and plants are blooming right now, so it was a wonderful dose of spring!

We headed to Oregon on Saturday, Emily's birthday, so we stopped at her favorite place for lunch.....Olive Garden.

Sunday night we went for dinner with my Uncle Jack and Aunt Mary. We went to Applebee's and since we had eaten a large lunch after church, Emily decided to opt for just dessert (surprise, surprise :-).

Monday we went shopping at the Woodburn Outlet Mall - this is like the best place ever! I just followed Emily around as she spent her birthday money. The weather was beautiful and flowers are incredible as you walk around.

After we spent the day shopping, my sister in law treated us all to pedicures - ahhhhhhhhh!

This is my mom and Sue enjoying their massaging chairs and pedicures!

I just love this picture..............this was Emily "relaxing" as they started scrubbing the bottom of her feet. She had a guy working on her, and I think he was trying to get her to laugh :-)!

I didn't get a picture with my brother - who I gave grief all weekend for being a "follower" of my blog, but never reading it :-)! I love spending time with him - I wish he wasn't so far away. It was such a wonderful, relaxing and encouraging get away! Thanks Dave and Sue!


tami said...

Pedicures with massaging chairs. Wow. Is there anyplace in our corner of the world with the chairs?
Great use of time, (sorry marla) getting two for one.
Glad you had a good time.

Jodi said...

That looks like a good time

Kathi said...

Birthdays are the best--a great excuse for having fun. Looking forward to celebrating Marla's next week.