Life At Korthuis Manor

Life At Korthuis Manor
Captain Randy and his First Mate!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A little of this, a little of that......................

Okay quick update on the last few days!!

My heart stopped about a week ago, when my Kitchenaid Mixer (aka: do all, use to death machine) DIED!! It was working faithfully on a batch of bread, it made a few clunks .......and died! Immediately I'm trying to justify in my mind how I can run that very moment a buy another one!! BUT - RANDY TO THE RESCUE!!!! He unscrewed the top off looked at the motor, we got online, the rep emailed us a diagram of the motor, Randy ordered the right part, and WALAH (how do you spell that?) it's working like a dream. Music to my ears........................................... Here she is shined up after a batch of bread and ready to run!

Nathan came by the other night with his newly issued hard hat - cute huh? Don't you love the sticker on the front - it's sure to earn him some respect!?!?!

As of today - the announcements/invitations for graduation are in the mail!! What a relief! My face looks a bit odd, but I was watching the final of American Idol - who wouldn't be tense!! Woo Hoo - Kris won!! I'm a fan! Did you know he's a happily married, Christian worship leader? I only know this because someone was spouting off on Yahoo about how the conservative people ruined it and Adam should've won - I don't agree!

Yesterday and today I've been plant shopping - just research. Tomorrow we start buying and planting!! I'll post pictures of the BEAUTIFUL patio my husband poured this week - can't wait!


tami said...

Thanks goodness the mixer is fixed. That would make my heart stop too.

I can not tell you how relaxing this Spring has been since I have no Senior this year. It is fun but sooooo much work and worry and stuff.

Les Hon said...

It's spelled "voila" (accent over the a) of those crazy french words! :D
Have a wonderful graduation celebration!

Tanya said...

Okay's Kris that won and no, we did not know that he was a worship leader...maybe Jason should enter this contest! Hehehehe...don't tell him I said that. I think it's great that all of these Christians are winning!!

Congrats on getting all of the announcements/invitations out!! One more think to check off of that to-do-list.

Have fun plant shopping! Can't wait to see where the "new" lilac bush went.

Tanya said...

Plant shopping is my favorite!!! Can't wait to see the pics of a full load coming home!