Life At Korthuis Manor

Life At Korthuis Manor
Captain Randy and his First Mate!

Monday, May 4, 2009

License to be "shellfish and crabby"...........................

On Friday I went to Dave's Sporting Goods in Lynden and got my license to be "shellfish and crabby" - I didn't know I needed a license for that! :-)

We headed out with Dan and Marla to Sucia Island on Friday afternoon. Saturday was Opening day for Boating and for Shrimping. We woke up Saturday morning and headed out to set our pots and were back in for breakfast by 8:30. After breakfast we went back to pick up the pots and reset them. By the time we picked up 6 pots we had our limit and had to dump the rest - but we promised them we'd come back for them this coming weekend!!

Dan and Randy enjoying their coffee before we head back out to pick up pots.............

Marla and I thought we'd better take our picture so we get in the scrapbook too!

The First Mate down in the galley (OK it's the stateroom and dining room too :-) preparing breakfast!

It was so relaxing - until the storm started coming through!! We were sitting out at the island about 3 o'clock and decided to not risk trying to "beat the storm" to get home - they had posted a "small craft advisory". The storm blew in and it was crazy - WIND AND POURING DOWN RAIN!! We cooked up our shrimp, enjoyed dinner, and then went below and watched Seinfeld for and hour before going to bed. Our boat was tied to a dock and we banged against the dock until about 2am!!

We woke up Sunday morning to beautiful blue skies and headed home.

After we cleaned out the boat - cleaned up ourselves, and did some laundry, we headed back out to Sucia about 3pm with our friends the Strotz's, to do Brandon's Sr. pictures. I haven't seen them yet - but the subject was very handsome indeed!!

Back to reality now!!


Tanya said...

We'd like a shrimp delivery to our house, please! I'll scrap your digital layouts in exchange, can't pass up that deal, right? :-)

Holly said...

OH, what fun!! I'm jealous! Fresh crab, a stormy night on the sea...great books are written with these!

Kathi said...

We had shrimp last night for dinner with pesto pasta --they were soooo good!
Thanks for sharing!!!!

Anonymous said...

Help me Dr. Phil I think my eating friends have a boating problem.
From: Concerned on Wiser Lake

Angela said...

mmmm... that looks so yummy!