Life At Korthuis Manor

Life At Korthuis Manor
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Sunday, September 13, 2009

It's official!

I have succumbed to the world of FACEBOOK!

Last night as I was doing dishes from a dinner party we had on the boat (we had donated a sunset dinner cruise to an auction - great night for it), and Emily was sitting here at the computer and she said "mom, you need a Facebook - I'll set it up for you".

I have been resisting this "sin" for months now because:
1. I hear that one can get lost for hours in the Facebook world, and frankly I don't even have HOUR let alone HourS!

2. I don't have brain cells available to figure out how to use it.

3. Frankly, I don't want every Tom, Dick and Mary to find me!

4. I don't post enough on Blogger, how will I keep up on both (it's like when you're about ready to have a 2nd child and the thought of 2 is overwhelming, like, how will I do it?!)

REASON I succumbed:

1. I hear from everyone else what Brandon is doing, and I do mean EVERYONE else! My nephew and his wife are up from Corvallis and they came in to Woods yesterday and updated me on my son's college life!!!!! ENOUGH!! So Brandon - this launch into facebook is just for you!!
(OK - it's really for me to have a peak into his college life, but as I mother I like to think it's for you! Love you and miss you bud!) - (not like he EVER looks at mother's blog - he's not into the blogging thing)


The Kingsborough Queen said...

i'm THRILLED you did. i love facebook...just another way of staying connected! just don't start playing bejeweled or you will lose hours!

tami said...

I did it to keep up with my guys too. Sometimes I don't go on for months and sometimes more often.

Uhmmm, yes, I bet Brandon is visiting the blog. It is totally how Dan stays in the loop.
Homesick? Visit the blog, It's almost like a trip home ;)

Gavin's Family said...

Great now I'm the only one in the Brim clan who is NOT on facebook. (I maybe the only one in the country even) I hear even grandma is on it. I just can't go there yet!

Les Hon said...

Hey, you won't regret it...It's a wonderful way to keep up with cousins, classmates, aunts, uncles, kids! without having to explain your whole life history of the intervening years since you talked with these people. I love gettting a glimpse into the lives of so many people who are special to me -- when there's no other way for me to keep up with them... I love it, and it's actually been a blessing to trade encouragements with so many!

...and it doesn't hurt to know what those kids are up to either ;)

Jodi said...

Yea! Want to be my friend? confirm or ignore...