Life At Korthuis Manor

Life At Korthuis Manor
Captain Randy and his First Mate!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

On the road again!

This last weekend brought a last minute trip to Boise to see Brian and Judy.
We decided that our good friends needed some encouragement, laughter, and US! We headed out Friday afternoon about 3pm with Dan and Marla and arrived at McKays at 3AM! Judy knew we were coming, but Brian had no clue - we wanted to surprise him. I called about 11pm (Boise time) and asked him how long it took to get to his house from Pendleton, OR - he answered - with kind of a confused tone, and then I told him he'd better get a blanket and lay down on the couch cuz' we'd be there in about 3 hours! What fun! I love surprises - and he was pretty blown away!

The NAG-IVATORS - the term Dan decided was appropriate for us - ok only me!
We had a blast! We literally did nothing, but eat (a lot!), relax, laugh, pray together and only left the house to run to the grocery store and to church with them on Sunday morning. I did fit in a cookie making session with Miss Hailey - how I adore that girl.
I also got to give Spencer a "wet willy", which he hates -so I give him one every time I see him - all I have to do is lick my finger and head for his ear and he tweaks out :-) - love that boy!
Of course Hailey talked the men into playing "Pretty Pretty Princess" with her. The women took their turn so the men had to too!
I took LOTS of pictures of them once they started putting the jewelry on - but I just couldn't reduce their manhood and post them on the blog. I will however put them in my album someday - so if you want to see them............................:-)
We left Boise about 9:30 Monday morning and the drive home was beautiful over the pass in the sunshine with the changing colors.

What a blessing to spend a weekend with friends far away. The visit was long overdue, and we promised we won't wait so long for our next road trip to Idaho.
The only thing that would've made it perfect, would be if Jeff and Kathi could've come along. We will definitely be making a road trip come springtime with the whole group!

Love you McKays - you blessed us quite possibly more than we blessed you!

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