Life At Korthuis Manor

Life At Korthuis Manor
Captain Randy and his First Mate!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Drum Roll Please.......................

Well - obviously we got the green light!

Last night when we got home Ben and Cory came and helped get Nathan back in the house and then they visited for a little bit. When they left I was in the living room and Nathan said "hey mom, come here" (like he does about 25 times a day), so I sauntered back to his room and when I came through the door - THERE HE WAS STANDING UP AT THE EDGE OF THE BED!!!! YIKES!! Tears - panic - fear - elation - all in one big bubble! I said "Nathan you can't do that without me here" and he replies with a smirk "Well I think I just did". I told him I needed to hug him and he said I would have to stabalize him - so obviously - I did and I got a hug - 8 weeks in the waiting for this! I forgot how TALL he is!! I went and got Thai food to celebrate!

I figured when they gave us the green light that he would stand up and start walking with Uncle Steve tomorrow in Physical Torture, but he was not going to wait!! Then I helped him and he walked over to the recliner to give it a sit.

A neighbor had told us she had some walkers if we wanted to borrow them, so when Kathi came by for a visit we went and got the walkers. (Don't worry the walker is just out of the picture - it's within arms reach, he's really wobbly and weak obviously).

THEN - he decided he needed to try and drive!!!! THIS POOR MOMMA IS HAVING TO BURST OPEN THE PROTECTIVE BUBBLE MORE QUICKLY THAN SHE EXPECTED AND IT IS VERY HARD!!!! I said "no driving" and of course he had an arsenal of "whys", so I told him to call his dad, knowing that the wise man would back me up! Ya - No - he didn't back me up!! He told him he could drive the van but he had to stay on the wiser lake rd. (of course Randy is in Seattle so he doesn't have to have the heart attack). So, Kathi and I jumped in the van with Nathan and we drove down to my moms, 1 mile away, and called her and my SIL Sue (who is visiting) to come outside, and BEHOLD - there's Nathan behind the wheel!

Without getting into all the technical stuff, here's the what they said...........
* Full weight bearing on his right leg
* Weight bearing on his left leg starting at 25% of his body weight and working up to 100% in 4 weeks.
* Left arm good to go

Here are the things that are of some concern (not a huge concern, but a concern)
*we OBVIOUSLY had too many people praying :-) as he grew too much bone in his femur and his hip (who would've thought that was possible) They say it could straighten itself out, but they may have to go in and shave it off the hip if it doesn't correct itself (this really upset Nathan - and we all tried to focus on the positive)

*they think that the pinky issue on the right hand could be the pins in his hand and they would like to take those out and MAYBE break up some scar tissue in that hand

So today he goes to physical therapy and I think Uncle Steve has a little more ( ok a lot more) license to inflict pain now since the paperwork from Harborview has the word "aggressive" written all over it!!

We go back down to Harborview Monday for the Hand clinic to check him out and then possibly down the next Tues for surgery.

Pray about the excess bone in the femur and the hip, and for the right hand. Also, if you would say a prayer for this momma! I am so scared and don't know what "letting go" is going to look like. I did tell him last night before we drove, "Nathan, I just spent the last 8 weeks fighting for you and putting you back together, give me a little grace as this is so scary for me!" This is harder then ever without Randy here. Sorry for the long post - so much to say!!!

Praise be to God for his healing power and mercy!!!


Gavin's Family said...

I am crying like a baby with HAPPY tears over here.
Congratulations Nathan, but go easy on your poor mama. Wow, walking AND driving in the same day.
Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

NO need for apologies!!
We ALL are crying tears of thanks and praise to the Lord for this astonishing miracle!

How exciting (and scary for moms!)

Blessings. Enjoy your boy/man:)


Les Hon said...

Oh! This is great news, but I sympathize with the Momma Bear's concerns...However, when you think about it, there's probably not much that he can do, weak as he is, that will break him like he was broken before...And pain is a great inhibitor!!

But, I'll still be praying! ;)
Enjoy this next step in getting your boy back!! It's a miracle!

Anonymous said...

Most amazing car ride I've taken in awhile! I think I was a pretty good back seat driver. Thanks for sharing the moment. PTL

cjb said...

Well - a huge THANK YOU GOD!-:)
That is awesome, Nathan! However, I know the feelings your mother is going through. You don't have to get back to doing everything in one day buddy! Praying for all of you ALL the time!

Much love - The Burgers

Cynthia said...

I feel a little silly tearing up over this boy I really don't know, but I guess I'm shedding a few tears of happiness for all of you. God is very gracious and compassionate.

Anonymous said...

So much to be thankful for! Every time we hear the progress Nathan is making we just have to stop and give God the praise. Love the Edwards

Becky said...

Janice, what great news! I love that picture, too. Priceless!!