Life At Korthuis Manor

Life At Korthuis Manor
Captain Randy and his First Mate!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kind of like ski to sea....................

.......................only last weekend, Randy and I did Sea to Ski - we did the trip backwards!

After our wet weekend out in the ocean, we headed up to Mt. Baker for a drive to check our Artist Point that had just opened up. I whipped out 2 vanilla latte's - very necessary for the drive.
Things were very socked in up in the mountains..........................but it was beautiful - it's amazing the amount of snow still up there. But then again maybe not considering the "Junuary" we had!On the way down we stopped in at the new pizza restaurant in Snowline. It's called "Chair 9" and it was good. It's worth a stop in. We are cheesebread lovers and this one had alfredo sauce AND 2 kinds of cheeses with marinara dipping sauce - how could that be bad?Came home, crawled in bed watched the news and slipped in to slumberland - a very nice Sunday afternoon!


k.a.b. said...

I love cheesy bread and cheesy pizza and basically anything that has cheese in or on it!

Holly said...

Sounds lovely!!! Can't believe how much snow is left...and they say we're going to have a winter!!

You can freeze broccoli...easy, peasy! Just steam it for about 2 minutes, til it's bright green. Then cool it quickly in ice water (or I just run it under the tap til it's cold), drain it well and pack it into bags.

If you need help with the garden, let me know...would love some beans as mine have yet to produce.
Your garden is beautiful by the way. Meticulous just like your home!!!

Let me know...I'll be here!!!

P.S. Teach me how to make that drink please!!