Life At Korthuis Manor

Life At Korthuis Manor
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Monday, June 22, 2009

1 wedding down 1 to go!

This last Friday morning, Randy, my mom, and myself headed to Corvallis,OR to attend my nephew's wedding. The weather wasn't very nice, and from Olympia south we crawled along, and happened upon 5 multiple cars accidents!! We were so thankful for the safe travels that the Lord gave us - even if it took us 9 HOURS!!! Normally the trip takes 6-7 hours and we had hoped to arrive to have a couple hours to relax before the rehearsal, but we showed up at the rehearsal site 15 min. before it started. I was doing all the music, so I had to hit the ground running!

Here are a few quick pics from the wedding:

The Bride and Groom cutting cake - I was so proud of them for not smearing it into each other's noses - I HATE THAT! :-)

This is me with my brother Dave, father of the groom.

This is with my Uncle Jack, my dad's only living sibling. I always enjoy visiting with him and it was good to spend time with him at the wedding and then again a couple times this weekend. My dad passed away the evening before Father's day last year, so it was special to spend Father's Day with my dad's brother.

This is my brother Dan, my mom, me and my brother Dave.

We have my friend's daughter's wedding this Sunday. Thursday we're taking the family from out of town on the boat to Rosario Resort for lunch. Friday evening I am hosting a large bridal shower here, and then Sunday is the wedding.

June has been more than full for us - I am looking forward to July (although I'm afraid there's a bit more than I'd like on our calendar in July too).

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Tanya said...

Yikes, you crazy busy girl! Hope you have time to sleep somewhere i there... I'll see you Friday night! (consider this my RSVP...for my mom too!) Is that more etquette? Who's to say, I'll save your phone from ringing!