Life At Korthuis Manor

Life At Korthuis Manor
Captain Randy and his First Mate!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Whew.............take a breath....................

Just a quick update, so all of you people who do seem to want to know what's new, won't give up on me because I've been a bad blogger! :-(

Working lots (which I am so thankful God has provided work for me when we needed it), but I am a very tired lady. I need a scrappin' card makin' night - or weekend!

Our friends from Salem were up and spent the week at Birch Bay ( I never seem to think of Birch Bay as a vacation destination), so we met at the new Woods at the Birch Bay Outlet for coffee before they headed home - just had to see those precious girls one more time!
Helped my friend Bev work on her daughter Kaitlin's scrapbook - this is one of the things on her bucket list - what a privilege to help her!!

Our kitty (she's still kitty because she's only 9 months old) keeps moving her baby kittens inside. She's figured out how to use the doggie door - so we've been moving the kittens back to the shop OFTEN!! Lola (mommy kitty) thinks she is a princess and we just don't recognize that she IS NOT a shop cat!!

I've been busy making invitations for the bridal shower I am hosting for Kaitlin (Bev's daughter). It was fun, but I had to make 45 invitations! Now I need just fun stampin' therapy with no goal! Thanks Marla R. and Becky T. for helping me out - it would've taken forever without your help!

Well, that's just a small update, and tomorrow we leave for Oregon for my nephew's wedding. I'll try to do a post as soon as we get home!! Thanks for checking in!

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