Life At Korthuis Manor

Life At Korthuis Manor
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Monday, December 15, 2008

Baby It's Cold Outside....................

I feel if it's going to be this cold, we'd better have a good ol' whatcom county snowstorm - drifts and all! What a great day today - it's cold and stormy - and I don't have to go anywhere!! I'm working on getting some handmade Christmas gifts done, I have a batch of bread in the pans rising, chicken thawing for a comfort food dinner, Christmas music playing, Max is napping in the sun, the dryer is going, and my oldest son, his friend, and my hubby were just all in for lunch! I love days like this!

Here are some more Christmas Decorations for you. I can't really show pictures of the gifts I'm making until I've given them to the receivers, because that would ruin the surprise!

This is the "Pottery Barn" bench and shelf my hubby built for me/us :-)! We ended up without a front coat closet because of some remodeling we had to do in the building process :-)! Isn't he talented? I just ripped the page out and handed it to him and here it is! I have to buy baskets yet, but it came in the house Friday just in time for our 10th annual Christmas Sing company.

Here is our nativity - I think it's a necessity when you're decorating for Christmas! You'll notice our angel's arm is broken off, and there are several others that have glued on pieces, but we've had it forever and I can't bear to replace it!

Kathi and I flew over to Idaho on Wed./Thur. to visit Judy McKay and we had a blast! This is dinner at PF Changs - can you say chicken lettuce wraps - nummy!!

Judy's daughter Hailey is learning to play the piano, and therefore, so is Judy!! We played a couple duets for the kids - what fun it was to sit next to my friend and play piano!

P.S. Judy - be thankful, this picture is better of you so I put this one in :-)!

Spencer is 15 and we used his car while we were there - I can't believe how big he's getting and how fast he's growing up!

Hailey is 6 and is reading and doing math and all that smart stuff. It was so fun to hear her play the piano - she's very talented!! Keep up the good work Hailey!

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tami said...

I got to stay home today too. Just love being home and keeping the wood stove going, listening to Christmas music and getting ready for the season.