Life At Korthuis Manor

Life At Korthuis Manor
Captain Randy and his First Mate!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Life lessons

Last week we were blessed to spend 5 days in Palm Springs (thanks Debbie and Marty!!).

We headed out EARLY Tuesday morning with Emily and her friend Sarah (wonderful BFF Marla chauffeured us at o'dark thirty!!!)
and hopped on Allegiant in Bellingham direct flight to Palm Springs.

We arrived in PSP about 11AM and Marty picked us up at the airport. He and Debbie own a spot at Outdoor Resorts and they have a beautiful 5th wheel parked on it, along with great outdoor furniture and beautiful pots of flowers. They let us use their Honda Element that they leave down there, so we were all set!
Here's where the life lessons come in........................this is a HUGE resort, about 1200 spots! It's a small city. It's obviously full of middle aged to "God's waiting room" aged people and as I watched these people come and go I saw something VERY CLEARLY!

IF I DON'T TAKE CARE OF IT NOW - IT ISN'T GOING TO MOVE VERY GOOD LATER!!!! Seriously - there were people that I reckoned lived their lives like me - hating exercise!! And then there were people playing tennis, riding bikes, walking, etc. and they were having fun!

So - what does this life lesson mean?!? ......................for now I don't know....................but something HAS TO CHANGE...............stay tuned!

More vacation pics to come.


tami said...

Glad you had a good trip.
Sorry you had such a visual lesson.
Is it too late to take up tennis? Are the cute white skirts a possibility?
Aren't Elements the best!

Les Hon said...

Oh, I know what you mean!!! Watching my dad recover from knee surgery has motivated me to get going in a way that I have never been before...

Now to find an exercise that I like...Cute white skirts are NOT a possibility for me...

This will take awhile.

Holly said...

Sad, but true!!!
Brian's parents stayed there for years! They are the biking, tennis, golfing, walking, swimming group...!!!So, we've been in that pool, walked all over, played golf there (B, not me!), biked all over, etc.! Nice to visit, but I couldn't go there for months at a time.
I keep saying that I'm going to do "something" about "it" too, but never do. Jesus is coming back soon, isn't he??