Life At Korthuis Manor

Life At Korthuis Manor
Captain Randy and his First Mate!

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Today the key words are pain and anxiety..........they're both WAY too high!

They are still trying to manage his pain and Nathan is going insane just trying to find a position he can survive in.

Pray today - He is praying too - we pray with him often

I slept good last night, thanks to my precious man and our friends that provided a warm cozy comfy bed.

One day at a maybe one minute at a time................
"Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow has enough worries of it's own." (don't know where this verse is found - I think in Matthew?)


Tanya said...

We will be praying! Give him our love!

Anonymous said...

It is found in Matthew 6:34.

Anonymous said...

Hey Janice,
I've been staying on top of the details for the past few days as I didn't hear about this till Monday.
Good job on the blog-perfect way to keep people "in the know" of Nathans progress. Can you believe it's been a week already??
I'm right next to you while at the hopsital-have spent many weeks there myself so totally understand the waiting, the anxiety, the questions, the frustrations, the praises-and you are so right to focus on the praises. Lots of love and prayers from us. Tell Nathan "hi" from me-the one who watched his birth afterall!!
Hang in there and I will stay in touch. Cheryl VB