Life At Korthuis Manor

Life At Korthuis Manor
Captain Randy and his First Mate!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Ski to Sea race!

This weekend was busy and somewhat "normal". Nathan's friend Heidi came up to Lynden for the long weekend and hung out with Nathan. It was so helpful for me and enabled me to get a lot done for the team barbeque on Sun PM without feeling like Nathan was sitting back there by himself! I don't spend all my time with him, but I do try to go back and sit with him pretty often when I'm at home.

We headed to Riverside Park about 11 to watch our biker come in and hand off to the canoers. Then we came back home and cranked out appetizers and a salad. BIG THANKS to Jeff and Kathi for helping us! They joined us for the race and were a GREAT help in the food/party department! GREAT FRIENDS! We left home about 1:30 to go to Squalicum harbor where Randy dumps in with the kayak. He got the handoff about 3:10 and he did the 5 mile leg in just over 1 hr. It was so windy and he said there were about 3 foot swells off Boulevard park - but he got it done!

After cleanup we headed to Jeff and Kathi's to sit in their hot tub - ahhhhhhhhhhh!

Today will be a fairly quiet day. Randy and I are going to grab coffee and go return the rental kayak up to Canada. Heidi will probably swing by to say goodbye before she heads back to California and Sunshine (jealous!!). Emily is hanging out at home (a rarity) and Brandon is having some friends for a barbeque tonight at 5pm.

Nathan's birthday is coming up on Thursday - what a birthday it will be - a celebration of life!!!! Nothing big planned - but this momma will be rejoicing all day that God spared her son and allowed him to see turning 22!


Tanya said...

It was very weird to be out of town and not there participating in the day. Too bad the weather wasn't better for the race. :P

Let Nathan know that his little buddy will be there to celebrate his birthday! I will call later this week, once I'm home, to see what the dessert of choice will be to celebrate with. :)

The Kingsborough Queen said...

it's so so nice to see you write about little moments of "normalcy"...and i can only imagine how precious this birthday celebration will be.

Anonymous said...

What a special birthday it will be.
Blessings on this adventure, friends.
Our prayers continue.