Life At Korthuis Manor

Life At Korthuis Manor
Captain Randy and his First Mate!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Celebrating the 4th

Sunday was so cold!! We got home from church and I turned up the thermostat AND turned on the the fireplace!! I even took a nap under a blanket - I NEVER take naps - I'm too "A.D.D." and can't shut my brain off in the middle of the day!

We had friends for dinner at 6pm. The roast was supposed to be sliced and cooked on the barbeque and the dinner was supposed to be served on the back porch. PLAN B - I cooked the roast whole in the oven and we sat at the island. Dinner was delightful and the company relaxing - but still - Plan B!

We headed out in the boat about 8:30pm to go anchor in Bellingham Bay to watch the fireworks. I know this picture is blurry, but this was the scene as we left the harbor - this flag was HUGE!

The sunset was actually gorgeous so we decided to take pictures. Theirs turned out great....................

Ours took a few tries because someone was being difficult (I won't mention who, but Debbie was the one trying to take the picture) :-)

The fireworks were awesome and we were glad we were sitting in a boat with a cover when it started to rain - we had Mr. Heater(yes that's actually the brand name)running and we were toasty and dry!

It was a fun, relaxing, normal evening. I mention normal because as Nathan is getting around better he is going with friends more and we can go more too! Last night we had a lovely dinner at Jeff and Kathi's on the patio - ahhhh! All these moments are the ones that refuel me for the week ahead as Randy heads back to Seattle and we get through another week.

Tomorrow we head down to Harborview to find out if they're going to do the manipulation. The biggest prayer request right now is that Nathan will have the stamina (physically & emotionally) to be stretching out that knee more at home - all while trying to get completely off the meds.

Enjoy summer - what a treat to wake up to sunshine and and NO WIND!!!


Les Hon said...

The pictures of you cracking up are great!! Make me laugh even tho I don't know the joke! :D

Hope things go well at Harborview...

Tanya said...

The third picture of you two is my favorite! And I know of "Mr. Heater" as well!