Life At Korthuis Manor

Life At Korthuis Manor
Captain Randy and his First Mate!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Trip to Seattle

Yesterday at 9am Nathan, Emily and I headed to Seattle/Harborview. Nathan had an 11am appointment for a checkup on his knee.

We got there, they sent him to xrays and then we waited, and waited. Finally Dr.Taitsman, the one who did the surgery, came and she said absolutely NO manipulation surgery. She says there is too much of a risk of breaking the knee cap again. NOW, wouldn't it be nice if she had communicated that with the intern we saw on June 16th who suggested it, or to the nurse at the clinic that scheduled us to come down? Sometimes the lack of communication down there is more than frustrating! The first intern we saw yesterday asked Nathan how long he had been bending his knee, and when we told him he asked "why didn't you start bending it right away after surgery?"!!!!! Seriously dude - read the charts, they put him in a brace so he COULDN'T bend it and said he couldn't even sleep without the brace on!

The positive side of things - Dr. Taitsman said his femur is growing back beautifully. In fact, she said she has never seen one grow back so fast and so much!!! She told the nurse to get her a copy of Nathan's xray to put on her wall because it's so impressive!! Praise the Lord for bone growth! When we met with her right after the surgery she said he would probably have to have a bone graft if it didn't grow back and yesterday she said he will absolutely not have to mess around with that!!! This was great news!!!!

After we left the hospital we went to Dennis and Michelle's house(the friends who we stayed with while Nathan was in Harborview)where Randy is working right now. First we stopped so I could take a picture on the drive to their house - they live in West Seattle, where you go over a large bridge and then look back at the city.

Once we arrived Randy showed the kids his work (they are putting on all new siding).........
If you remember the post I did on April 26th (if someone wants to tell me how to link it here that would be great!!) , then you remember this view! I wanted to get a picture of the view with Nathan in it this time (instead of a hospital bed)!!
Then, we went to lunch down at Alki Beach! If you've never been there it would be a great day trip. Gorgeous beach (yes, actually sand) on one side and then restaurants and shops across the street facing the beach. Of course I had to get a quick pic of Nathan and Em....................We had pizza at the Pegasus Pizza and then Randy drove us around a bit before we dropped him off so we could head home.
We got home about 5:30 and I took Em to cheer practice and Nathan hopped in his truck and went to friends. He officially had not had meds all day so he was good to drive! That was almost more nerve wracking then when you let your 16 yr old drive off alone for the first time! But, now that he's driving this frees me up from having to drive him to all his appointments!! Woo Hoo!!


sister/friend!! said...

great to hear about your day yesterday. I am sure it was both refreshing and frustrating!!! I am glad you three could meet up with Randy, and have a bit of "family time". even though it was short. I am sure it was a nice respet for Randy as well.
Hang in there girl. you are doing an amazing job, and I am sure with randy gone, ( and we all know that is a "must" right now) you feel like so much is on your shoulders. I am here.... coffee, chocolate, or "whatever".... Love you Claudia

Les Hon said...

Yay Hooray for no manipulation surgery!!! So glad!!