Life At Korthuis Manor

Life At Korthuis Manor
Captain Randy and his First Mate!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A kitchen kind of day

Today was a day spent in my kitchen - which I love. It was cold and even snowed all afternoon! I had Ethan while Tanya worked at school, so we made chocolate chip cookies! Ethan put all the ingredients in the bowl, turned the mixer off and on, scooped the cookies, and he even cracked the eggs!! (He was very proud of this!!)

I also made crusty bread, a double batch of rolls, and a double batch of Potato sausage soup. I fed my husband lunch to warm him up - I love being here when he can come home for lunch!

Tonight, Randy and the kids and I took soup and rolls to The McKissicks house and had dinner with them. Bev is in her 2nd battle with cancer. She is such a blessing, and her joyful, peaceful heart is so wonderful to be around. I always think I'm going to encourage her, but came away encouraged myself! It was such a cozy evening. Our friends Rick & Beth joined us too, and we all sat around the table laughing and eating. It was a simple meal and Beth brought salad and a fresh apple pie (she makes the best), and Rob & Bev had their cute little bright red wood stove burning away!

This is Bev (in the middle) with Beth and I. Please pray for her and her family!! We decided we need to do this often in the weeks ahead!!

Last night was such a reminder to me to count my blessings - sounds simple - but often I simply forget!! Seize the day - and pray for my friend!!

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Tanya said...

You so know I am Janice! I agree... Bev is a blessing to all who know her, and she personally inspires me in my walk with the Lord. I'm jelous you were in your kitchen cooking during all the snow!!!