Life At Korthuis Manor

Life At Korthuis Manor
Captain Randy and his First Mate!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm officially a college mom......he's in!!

Yesterday was a test of honesty, integrity and motherhood!! I was minding my own business, getting the mail (as I do almost every day) and there it was....................the envelope!

Oh how I wanted to open it - there it was staring me in the facing - almost laughing at me, taunting me.............................

We had a meeting at 6:45 and Brandon doesn't get home from golf until after 7, so like any good mom would - I hid it until after our meeting so I could take pictures of him opening it. Randy thought the chances were good it was an acceptance letter, and I quote "they don't send rejections in such big envelopes"!

When I called Brandon downstairs, he says "it must be a letter from Whitworth", I asked "how do you know" and he says (in a very smart alik way) "because you're holding the camera"! As I'm taking this pictures he says "mom - seriously".

I'm in...........................!!!

Here he is making the dutiful calls to people that have been praying...........doesn't he look thrilled to be on the phone - so much like his dad!

So all this to say- I have less than 6 months to finish teaching him everything he needs to to dial mom and dad's phone number, our email address, etc. All the important skills!!


Musicmom-Amy said...

Congrats!!! Yup! Big envelope = acceptance! great school.

Amanda DeHoog said...

Congratulations! That is exciting and scary all at the same time . . . I can't imagine how I will feel when the day comes for my Gracie girl to move away . . . I guess you just pray that you have taught them to make smart choices and then cry your eyes out when the leave! :) Can you believe I've commented 2 days in a row????

tami said...

Congratulations Brandon! It is a big deal and Janis, actually you may cry a few tears when he leaves. But pretty soon you start to realize that you have less laundry to do and less groceries to buy and one less schedule to abide by and then it is time for the happy dance. ; )

Holly said...

Congratulations to you both!! I remember when Ashleigh got that letter, it was so exciting!!! I took pics too, but, alas, no blog to post them on!!!

theSNAPsisters said...

WOW! that is great. So happy for him:)