Life At Korthuis Manor

Life At Korthuis Manor
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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Never too old to learn!

Last night I was invited to an "exclusive" training class :-) ! My friend Tanya Silves who is a digital scrappbookin' junkie, computer whiz, awesome photographer, PhotoShop Elements Pro, etc. invited a few of us over to learn how to zip and unzip! (Got your attention now don't I?)

Here is Tanya creating a digital scrapbook page. I think this could be addicting! I still love traditional scrapbooking (I love the social side of it, and I think it would be hard to drag my computer to crops since it's not a laptop:-). I am interested in Hybrid scrapbooking tho'. Do you know what this is? It is doing a partial layout ie: background paper, title and pics digitally, and then printing it off and adding embellishments. What I really want to do is just make photo collages in a 8x10 format and then print them off and scrapbook them. Can't wait until I "get" how to do this.

Also, I wanted to share with all of you, (even you "lurkers" - a new term I learned for people who read your blog but don't leave comments :-), that Grandiflora's blog is up and running! Check it out! Right now there is a drawing you can enter, so visit the sight and sign up ................... Let me know what you think - I happen to know the blog administrator, so I can pass on your thoughts on the blog!

Happy Wednesday!


Amanda DeHoog said...

Ha, ha, ha . . . this lurker is coming out of hiding! :) My sister and I had so much fun last night . . . hope we get invited back for school of scrap, lesson 2!

Tanya said...

It was a blast having you Janice... you are too funny! We'll get you sucked in one way or another... it will start with collages, and you'll be hooked! I'll let you know when the School of Scrap holds the intermediate session!