Life At Korthuis Manor

Life At Korthuis Manor
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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Some scrapbook pages

Okay my slumberless party was a success! In fact, I forgot to tell you some of the ladies decided I have a tonnage of friends - NOT fat friends - just a tonnage of them!! I think that is a very fun term, and I am BLESSED to have a tonnage of people that consider me a friend. We are all so blessed with our friendships aren't we.

Anyway - back to the subject at hand........the slumber party was a success, in that, we all had a great time and can't wait until next year, but as far as being productful scrapbooking wise for myself, I'm afraid, it was not! :-) I finished putting together a layout I had started, and then I completely finished another 2 page layout, started a second 2 page layout (the letters just have to be stuck down, and started the next 2 page layout. So, if you're doing the math I really only got 3 pages all the way done :-0 !!

Here's the first layout..............sorry it's dark, I was having issues................

This is the 2nd layout that the letters are not stuck down on yet................I am trying something new to help me get caught up, when you have an event with lots of pictures I'm using a pre-structured page that has pockets to hold 6/4x6 pictures. You can also put in fewer pictures and then cut a 4x6 piece of cardstock and embellish it or journal on it. I'll post some when I get some done:-)!

I'm wanting to get back in there and get going (for real this time), but today is work and tonight is a banquet at school with Brandon, so maybe tomorrow afternoon, evening. I have 3 years to get caught up, so I'd better get busy!! Help keep me on the ball girls ok?


Tanya said...

I'm sure in your wealth of tools, you have a sticker maker, but that it my new favorite tool for putting letters down on a page. I hate glueing the backs of the cricut letters! 3 years is a breeze for a pro like you... I'm waiting to see your first collage!!!

Kathi said...

Great photo layouts and nice reminder that spring (patio/bird post)is on it's way...slowly...but...surely.
Are you going to the FFA bouquet tonight? I'll be there with the President (not Obama).