Life At Korthuis Manor

Life At Korthuis Manor
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Monday, March 9, 2009

I'm baaaaack!

Wow - sorry I haven't posted for so long! Last week my friend Kim and I headed to the State Basketball Tournament in Yakima! We headed out Wed. morning at 6:30AM and came home on Saturday! That was the interesting part!!!!!! We left Yakima about 2pm and headed for the pass, and it started snowing. They were predicting snow in the pass, so we followed my friend Carrie and her husband, and our friend Ray and his son followed behind us. If you know me - I HATE DRIVING IN SNOW!! Even a little bit (like we're getting right now - ARGH!) freaks me out! Without all the drama and the play by plays, I will just tell you it took us almost 8 hours and I'm done driving in the snow for quite a while!!!!

This is Kim and Her daughter and exchange student - they're both on the cheer squad.

Here's me and Becky (she's like my other daughter)!

More cheer pics - they're kind of blurry :-(

These are Becky's friends, April and Ashley - they stayed in our room. They were so sweet and fun and it was a treat getting to know them!

Well, I'm off to work at Grandflora for a few hours today! Oh boy - I GET to drive in snow again!! Can you believe this weather? Wish I could stay home and scrapbook all day!!!!


Trisha Brink Design said...

Fun pics of ya'll! Hope workin' didn't get ya too down! It's sunny now....Hope it stays around!!! Hasta Manana Baby!

theSNAPsisters said...

You could used my help with the cheer pics -it is really hard to get something good at that distance.
Looks like you had fun.

Musicmom-Amy said...

Of course, the time I go into Grandaflora, you're out of town!! Sheesh!! But that did't stop me from spending $$ ;D

Thanks for the chocolate dear! It's wonderful!!! And even more so that you thought of us.

tami said...

Looks like a good time. Until the drive over the pass. Glad you made it home okay!

Becky said...

Janice, I'd love to help you! Give me a call whenever! And I hear your handing out compliments while you work, too! (I talked to Amy) :)