Life At Korthuis Manor

Life At Korthuis Manor
Captain Randy and his First Mate!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 14, 15 and 16

Well let's just begin this post with the word........FAIL!  I have been in the middle of a huge computer crisis at work and totally missed day 14 - Someone you love (and that was an easy one), and day 15 - action (where about the only action I could've gotten for you was the sweat rolling off my brow from stress)!

Today - Day 16 - Mason Jar/Jelly Jar..............and I've got the perfect jar!
 See - it says so!  ;)
These are in my laundry room and the small one holds the laundry pocket misc.

Tomorrow - Day 17 - Bokeh?!?!  What in the world- is that flowers?!?!  I'm going to have to get my google on!

Side note - both my boys were in Vancouver last night and were near the riots!  I haven't talked with Nathan yet, but Brandon said it was "terrifying"!  He put it so well on Facebook - "at least the Canucks Fans know how to take a loss with dignity right?".  Well put Brandon!


rtabs said...

Dear Cousin,

Bokeh is the out of focus parts of a photo usually highlights in the background. This can be done by having the background outside the depth of field and is easiest to do with the subject far away from the background. Lenses will produce bokeh in different ways. A mid-telephoto (85mm to 135mm)works fairly well depending on manufacturer.

Tami said...

Bokeh is tough with a point and shoot. Sometimes I accidentally get it.
good luck!

Tami said...

Good bokeh tips ;)

Holly said...

Scary having the guys in Vancouver. My friend's son was there too and scarred for life!!!
Shame on those nitwits (not the boys!)

Nancy said...

You have a precious blog!