Life At Korthuis Manor

Life At Korthuis Manor
Captain Randy and his First Mate!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Pray for Nathan!

Remember this..................................

Yesterday about 2pm Nathan was in a motorcycle accident. He laid it down on a curve on the Wiser Lake Rd. - just 1/2 mile from home. Here are the details - bear with me - this mommy is foggy...................
-airlifted to Harborview about 5pm Fri. evening.
-fractured pelvis
-fractured hip
-open femur fracture
-fractured knee
-broken elbow, broken ulna with dislocated bones
(all of this on the left side)
-broken right hand
-bruise on his lung
-lacerations to the kidney and liver

They had to paralyze him to manage the pain and he is on a breathing machine NOT for breathing complications, but just because they have him medically paralyzed.

We just got the call that they took him into surgery this morning and I believe they are going to set the pelvis and work on the femur fracture.


All things considered - it could have been much worse.

I'll keep updates coming - it gives mommy something to do. Please feel free to email me or call my cell.

Last night Kathi, Dan, and Marla came down with us until we could go in and see him! Jeff drove me to the hospital in B'ham. Katie came and stayed with Em! Craig and Debbie came and prayed with us - thank you Lord for the abundance of support and love.

We have friends from ski patrol that live about 10 minutes from the hospital - Dennis and Michele. Dennis came to Harborview last night and brought us here to stay at their home - thank you Lord for providing!
It's going to be a long haul....................................


Tami said...

Prayer! Consider it done.

Praising God for no spinal or brain injury. That said he has a long haul, Mom and Dad too.

Take care-

Les Hon said...

Praying here too...

for son's healing, for mom's heart!

Hang in there!

Tanya said...

I'll be praying, thanking the Lord for his protection, and for endurance and perseverance and patience for you all in the coming days and weeks and months ahead!

Abbie_Marie said...

We are praying...please let us know if we can do anything for you guys...we love you and are thinking of you and papa Randy and Nate!

Anonymous said...

Thinking and praying for you all! Like Ab said please let us know if you need anything! Love, Katie

Holly said...

Prayers flowing for all of you.
Praising the good things and for all of your friends. Please let us know if we can do ANYTHING.. House, Em, dog, etc. Would love to help.


Anonymous said...

Thinking and praying for him and your family constantly.


Molly Gustafson said...

Praying for miracles, Jan, and will continue to lift you all up all day long.

Karen said...

Randy and Janice~
So sorry to hear about Nathan's accident! I can not even being to imagine the emotions you have gone through these past days! I am so glad to hear the news is good, even though the road will be long!
I am not sure if Emily is home now, and I know you have a ton of support and family but if Emily wants to hang out here or needs a ride anywhere I am more than happy to help out.
I am sure Britton will be in touch with her, but feel free to call anytime night or day, we are just around that "nasty" corner!
Give Nathan our love and be assured we are all praying night and day for continued miracles and recovery.
Karen Johnson