Life At Korthuis Manor

Life At Korthuis Manor
Captain Randy and his First Mate!

Monday, April 26, 2010

talking with the surgeon

He's big, he's tall, he's reported to be the best in the Nation, and He FIXED my boy!

We met with Dr Rutt after he finished his part of the surgery. Randy's parents are sitting here with us and the Dr. sat and faced us, stretched a pillowcase across his lap and drew us pictures, and sketched out our life for the next 3 months...............................
This was SUCH AN ENCOURAGING MEETING!! He says Nathan will be good - did you hear that - good! Excuse while I tear up, sing a little song (How great is our God, sing with me................), and praise my Heavenly Father for his provision and protection.

Still a long road, still 2-3 more surgeries this week, but he should be good!

Lots of metal, screws, incisions and stitches - but good!

More details later. Nathan IS still in surgery and they are currently working on his left elbow/arm - more metal.............................but HE WILL BE GOOD!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the updates...we continually pray for Nathan and your family. May God's peace be so very comforting to you!

In Christ,
Colleen McKinley

Anonymous said...

Praise God! So glad to hear that the first part of the surgery went well!!!


Tanya said...

I don't thing "good" as ever sounded so GREAT! Glad to hear all is going well. And try as I might, I can not tell what is on that pillowcase! Doesn't that hospital have a pen and paper????

"Praise the Lord,
oh my soul,
praise the Lord!"

Tanya said...

PRAISE GOD!!! THANK YOU JESUS!! My heart is overflowing with joy. I realize having him in surgery is hard but they are fixing our Nathan!!

Musicmom-Amy said...

Absolutely the BEST news we could hear. You all have been on my mind, heart and prayers the entire day! Such a wonderful blessing from God. Truly thanks and praise to be given to Him. Just remember Janice, God does not give us more than we can bear. So you all are simply AMAZING in the eyes of God (and Mine and Rob's too).

It will be along road to recovery but I look forward to running chocolate by for everyone once Nathan is home :D (if not sooner)


Holly said...

Woo Hoo!! thank you Jesus!!!
So happy for you!!!
Love the sketch...that will be $242.17 for the towel, by the way!!!

We're with you all the way!!!

claudia said...

I was wondering why Randy was holding that towel up!!! Praise the LORD!!!
Good is GREAT right now, right?
My womens group will be praying tonight.
Love to all. Claudia & Alan

Anonymous said...

Just came in after a full day of "painting and praying". Everytime I got into a tight corner, trying to get paint into an impossible place, I thought of the impossible place the Korthuis fam is in. I give praise to a God who sees our impossible place and knows the EXACT path to move us through it. What great news! God is good. Love ya Debbie-do

Anonymous said...

What wonderful news Janice! Emily and I have been thinking about you all day, and sending up little prayers that all will go well! We are so happy to hear that his first of many surgeries went well today! You are all in our hearts.
Emily and Kim

Anonymous said...

Janice, At first I thought Randy was holding a towel and needed someone to rush him down a clean pair of jeans...then when I read on, I realized he was good to go :) Whew! What a blessed treat to hear some encouraging news from the doc today! Thank you Jesus! Love ya, Lona

Anonymous said...

Jan & Randy,
So glad to hear that the surgery has gone so well. I got our church here in Corvallis praying and my prayer warrior friends also. We believe that this is all a wonderful physical manifestation of the power of our great God.
Praise Him and His wonderful mercy.
Love you guys,

Anonymous said...

We sure are appreciating the updates. It sounds like things are going better than expected. What a lot of answers to prayer already. It sounds like Nathan is in very good hands. We will pray daily for each one of you.


Anonymous said...

You all are on our hearts, in our prayers and thoughts constantly. Would love to just be with you everyday down there. Hope you sleep well tonight. We love you guys Rick and Beth

Abbie_Marie said...

Such great news...there just aren't thankful!

Anonymous said...

Randy and Janice,
Please know that we are praying with you! What wonderful news you have with this post! Blessings to each of you as you wait with your hands in our Lord's!
Rick and Joan Vander Giessen