Life At Korthuis Manor

Life At Korthuis Manor
Captain Randy and his First Mate!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Time to dig in!!

Ok - yesterday I left work early, and decided I had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to keep me from weeding! The bathrooms were clean, floors mopped, vacuuming and dusting done, laundry caught up - yep - good to go. I just can't go outside if the inside is not done. My friend Trisha said it best, "It's just kind of depressing to come in after you've worked so hard outside to a mess inside"! - she "gets" me!

With my dreaded resolve to not weed before March, it was pretty hideous!! The nice days we've had since, I've had company, working or on the boat - I know only working is the excuse that holds! :-O Here are the before pics!
Yes - I'm ashamed! Now - here are the afters.............................
I even found a rose in full bloom while I was weeding - it was low on the back side of the rose bush, so one wouldn't have noticed it unless one was on their hands and knees with their booty sticking up in the air!!!
I just have to share my flowering plum tree. So far, we've planted one at every house. I just love the deep red/purple blooms - they make me happy! I told Randy I want 5 more!!! I see it from my kitchen and living room - it's perfectly placed - it just worked out that way. We were placing it strategically outside and it just happens to be the best spot for inside too!! Don't you love that when it happens!!

And now, I must go pop my blisters so I can actually hold a pen at work today!!! (I know - it's my own fault!!) Enjoy your weekend!!

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Tami said...

I can't go outside if I have a mess inside. There must be a metaphor in there somewhere, some deep hidden meaning.

You sure whipped it into shape quickly! Go Janice Go!